Diversification of rural areas of the Malopolskie province in respect of technical means on farms

key words: technical equipment, spatial distribution, agrostructure


Inequality in saturation and spatial diversification of rural areas in respect of farm technical infrastructure development causes specific difficulties in planning the development of individual region in the scale of the whole country and in the scale of single provinces. The diversification, at the same strategies of development for the whole regions and macroregions, may cause even more differences in regional development. Presented estimation of technical infrastructure of farms will help launching a proper strategy of development for individual regions in order to equalize chances. A problem of communes' classification due to many features and indices which may describe the level of infrastructural saturation is a typical problem of multivariate comparative analysis. At this point a notion of taxonomic structure should be mentioned as a configuration of points of multidimensional space which is a set of objects characterized by means of various attributes. Finally, after initial verification of informative values of attributes, 13 indices describing technical infrastructure on farms were selected for analysis from the available set of diagnostic attributes.
The assessment was made basing on a synthetic measurement of development which is an aggregate diagnostic attribute. Assuming in the conducted research that αj = 1, i.e. attaching equal weight to each diagnostic variable.
Assumed model of synthetization of attributes fulfils the postulate of measure normalized on <0.1> and orders linearly objects from the worst to the best in respect of assumed criteria.
A considerable spatial diversification was demonstrated in rural areas' saturation with elements of technical infrastructure, as a certain function of commune location in the region and in its environment. Enclosed maps show regions on an approximate level of farm investments in "internal" infrastructure.


Sikora J., Woźniak A. 2005. Diversification of rural areas of the Malopolskie province in respect of technical means on farms. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2005/ 3