Numeric generation of soils maps with geostatistic methods

key words: soil maps, computer maps, generating and editing of the maps


Maps are integral components of research in pedology. Visual presentation of the spatial and temporal distribution of a phenomenon often provides clues to the process(es) that generated the phenomenon. The procedure of generating and editing of the soils computer maps based on standard programming of the PC computers is presented. Two examples of the map are shown: - the map of depth of loam occurence in soils Experimental Station ATR in Mochełek - the map of distribution of cadmium in the upper layer of soils from the area of the Bydgoszcz city. The were made basing on the standard easy attainable program as Microsoft Excel, MicroStation, Corel Draw and Surfer 7.0. The succeeding steps of the map editing: digital control, the generation of isolines, the edition and location of data obtained in this way in the suitable information layers, are discussed. Method of numeric interpolation was used to the soil surface mapping using irregulary spaced data. The presented examples testify to many following advantages of the use of the method: high rate of mapping, facility of its modification and updating.


Malczyk P., Długosz J., Radke M. 2006, vol. 3. Numeric generation of soils maps with geostatistic methods. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2006, vol. 3/ 2 (2)