Ecomorphological evaluation of Canal Mosiński with field method

key words: ecomorphology, in situ evaluation, Water Frame Directive, Canal Mosiński


The aim of the study was presentation of results of ecomorphological evaluation of Canal Mosiński, based on field investigations. The pioneer field method was applied, it was worked out in Department of Environmental Protection and Management, Agricultural University in Poznań in 1995. The investigations were performed within over 22 km long section of Canal Mosiński, the left tributary of Warta river. The object was divided in 37 homogeneous sections which, one by one, were analyzed by taking into consideration the morphometrical and hydrographic features as well as physical and chemical quality of water. The results pointed at low ecomorphological value of water-course (IV category of naturalness). The object in majority was classified to IV and III category. Only short fragments in lower and upper run were classified under category II.


Lewandowski P., Olejnik M., Górecki K. 2006, vol. 3. Ecomorphological evaluation of Canal Mosiński with field method. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2006, vol. 3/ 4 (3)