Hydromorphological valorization of Canal Mosiński

key words: hydromorphology, evaluation, WFD, Canal Mosinski


The assessment of hydromorphological state of the Mosinski Canal with review method was the aim of this work. Moreover the received results from review method were compared with results of field method. Realizing main aim, to assess the hydromorphological state of water-course, the German review method (LAWA 2002) was chosen. The part of canal (on distance 15,9 km) which was investigated lies between bridge on road Głuchowo–Steszew, and it's estuary to the Warta River. In this study the similarities and differences in opinion of water-course between review and field method were shown. Both methods were verified in the context of theoretical assumptions, assessment precision and possibility of applying in monitoring of hydromorphological state of surface waters. In spite of differences in partial opinion, general assessment in both cases classified water-course to the same IV category of naturalness


Olejnik M., Lewandowski P., Górecki K. 2006, vol. 3. Hydromorphological valorization of Canal Mosiński. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2006, vol. 3/ 4 (3)