Determination of shortest route between plots and habitations based on road's network graph and dislocation along plots borders

key words: land consolidation, spatial structure of a village


The article presents general principles of the method of calculations distances of ground from habitations based on a numeric map. Filipowice village in Małopolska district was chosen as an example for presentiation of calculation. The village consists of over 12 thousands land plots and about 500 agricultural holdings. The procedures concerning with shortest route from habitations to plots were discussed in more detail. Access from habitation was described in a form of graph including road's network and drives within the complexes. The route of drive from habitation to plots was defined as the shortest path between graph's knots. The process of determining the distance between a household dwelling and plots that form it comprises the following steps: making a list of necessary initial data to be collected from a digital map and a land cadastre; preparing files required to create a graph of driveways between a given parcel and a particular farm holding site; developing the prepared graph of driveways; and, finally, determining the shortest access driveway to the parcel under consideration. Using specific computer software developed, it is possible to make automatic the majority of time- and labour-consuming works indispensable for determining the possible access driveways to parcels, and their lengths. The methodology of determining distances between parcels and sites, can be applied to investigate spatial structures of villages, and to assess transformation processes occurring in villages as a result of agricultural engineering works. Adequate disparity of difficulty of drive both on and odd roads was taken under consideration. Introduced procedures concerning measurement of the distance between plots and household dwellings were processed on assumption that relocations proceed along borders of roads and along boundary strips of plots. The graph describing relocation between single area and habitation usually does not surpass two thousand tops, which makes the calculation not excessively time consuming and enables for practical application of the elaborated method.. The given principles of calculation of distance and routes of drive from habitation to farm plots based on information map introduced in the form of numeric of map allow for automation of majority computational procedure. This enables for calculation of distance of all rural plots from habitation of farms, which can present a valuable material for estimation of structure of village and its changes. Table containing distance of all plots belonging to the village from farm holdings can be used in optimization of dislocation of ground within the village area. Destination files obtained in the process of calculation present an essential base for elaborating of a model which describes the influence of changes to affiliation of land plots to farm holdings into a distance from household dwellings and for establishing the best allocation of plots to farms.


Harasimowicz S., Janus J. 2007. Determination of shortest route between plots and habitations based on road's network graph and dislocation along plots borders. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 1