Technological and ecological modernization of agriculture and rural areas

key words: agriculture, system of production, progress, technology, energy consumption, environmental protection, predictions


The article presents some results of investigations and prognostic studies of the Institute of Buildings Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture (IBMER) on the future model of agriculture and agricultural engineering resulting from Common Agricultural Policy implementation and pro-ecological effect on the multifunctional development of agriculture and rural areas. Initiated process of technological modernization of developing family farms and large commodity farms is associated with promoted transfer from traditional and intensive systems of agricultural production to sustainable, organic and precision systems of agriculture. A systematic influence of the scientific progress on the effectiveness of plant and animal production was observed as constantly diminishing family commodity farms. Further technological progress, diminishing of accumulated energy consumption and unit agricultural production costs will stimulate development of about 400 thous farms and producer groups able to compete on food markets. It was also found that considering the agricultural production sustainability, integrated by the multifunctional rural development, energy saving and environmental protection in rural areas, science and technology face increasingly serious tasks. These among other include judging and harmonizing interests of agri- and food producers with ecological requirements connected with soil, water, air, forest and other environment protection. It must be decided whether agrochemicals should be totally abandoned in organic food production planned for many years ahead. It would be also worth to estimate more objectively the substitution of various kinds of energy, including the required use of renewable energy. Therefore interdisciplinary development research on saving energy and environment in households and regions introducing progressive methods of acquisition and processing of agricultural products are necessary.


Wójcicki Z. 2007. Technological and ecological modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 1