Drilled wells and artesian waters of the extra Carpathian part of Małopolska province

key words: drilled wells, artesian waters, piezometr and useful pressure


In this study characteristics of drilled wells and artesian waters taken from them that occured in the formations of Quaternary, Miocene, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic and Carboniferous period of the Extra Carpathian part of Małopolska province, was presented. The study area includes the central and northern part of Małopolska province, where such a morphological and tectonic units like Oświęcim and Sandomierz Valleys (the Carpathian Depression), Miechów (Nida) Trough, Śląsko-Krakowska Upland (Monocline) and Górnośląska Upland (Depression) were located. The artesian waters of study area taken from 116 drilled wells with depth from about 14,5 (Quaternary) to 1923,5 m (Miocene) and unitary yield from 0,001(Jurassic) to 375,0 (Triassic) m3·h-1·m-1 were characterised by artesian pressure from 2,0 up to 702,1 m H2O and useful pressure from 0,1 up to 18,5 m H2O. The unitary yield of Quaternary wells varied from 0,54 to 7,06 m3·h-1·m-1, Miocene wells 0.01–10.38 m3·h-1·m-1, Creatceous 0.03–52.94 m3·h-1·m-1, Jurassic 0.001-14.8 m3·h-1·m-1, Triassic 9.35-375.0 m3·h-1·m-1 and Carboniferous 2.99 m3·h-1·m-1. The highest unitary yield was detected in Triassic and the lowest in Quaternary formation. The artesian pressure ranged from 10.0 to 50.0 m H2O and useful pressure 1.0–5.0 m H2O characterised majority of wells in the study area, respectively 43 (36.8% of all) and 47 (40.2%) wells. In further order 40 wells (34.2% of all) take waters with 50.0–100.0 m H2O artesian pressure and 34 wells (29.1%) with 1.0 m H2O useful pressure. The highest artesian pressure up to 702.1 m H2O and useful pressure up to 18.5 m H2O were affirmed in the wells which taken waters from clastic Miocene layers of the Carpathian Depression, and the lowest respectively 10.4 and 1.0 m H2O in wells recharged by Quaternary formations. Conducted analysis of dependence the well depth on artesian pressure quantity of studied wells showed that the artesian pressure of taken waters increased in proportion to drilled well depth. Majority of artesian wells (65 wells, 56,8% of all) is recharged by carbonate rock of Mesozoic era.


Satora S. 2007. Drilled wells and artesian waters of the extra Carpathian part of Małopolska province. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 2