Structure of using water by residents water-system in commune Drwinia

key words: consumption water, water-system, structure of consumption water


The article presents analysis structure consumption water by residents water- system in commune Drwinia situated in małopolska province. Commune Drwinia has area 108,8 km2 and there are 13 villages. Currently on the terrain lives about 6300 residents. The water-system serve with The Company Watersystem and Sewer-system in Bochnia. After building and giving water-system to use part of residents stilling from individual source delivery in water and don’t connect to water-system. Generally from water-system using about 77% households. In individual of villages amount connects to varies with from 53% to 93%. Few persons using water from water-system and out of habit people to conserve water causes much of discrepancy between projects using water and real using water. In projects accepted using water per one person 140 liter per day, however in last there years consumption was on the commune about 33 liter per day for one person. This is smaller from projects about 77%. Water-system (diameter pipelines and water speed) was designed and made for bigger flows water them is currently. In results water is more time them can, what maybe cause again contamination. This situation occur often in summer time when using water is less from project. One of manner from prevent this problems is rinse clean water turn on hydrants. But in effect is bigger loss water and rice of cost water. The water for people in commune Dwinia come from Raba river in Bochnia. The maximum productivity of water is 550 dm3⋅s-1. Water from river flow to water-system in Drwinia pipe Ø500 mm. Water-system made witch pips PE diameter from Ø 32 to Ø160 mm. In article presented breakdown of lengths and diameters pipes in commune Drwinia. According to information from Waster-system and Sewer-system Company loss of water in water-system in Drwinia take out from 8,2% to 8,5%. This is loss of water can affirm that water-system is tight. Additionally in Water-system and Sewer-system Company installed new equipment, who allow of diminish loss water. Actual on area commune Drwinia every year more people joining to watersystem because they have certainty that using clear water. Precisely decision of amount using water at people is very important by project sewage-system and sewage treatment plant. Currently people using less water in this connection less sewage flow to sewage treatment plant. Less flow of sewage to influence on incorrect working sewage treatment plant. So is legitimacy systematic measurement using water by residents on villages and towns. In consequence new result research using water should be expect new actual decrees to concern using water and amount sewage.


Bugajski P., Kaczor G. 2007. Structure of using water by residents water-system in commune Drwinia. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 2