Dynamics flow to sewage treatment plant in Głogów Małopolski

key words: amount sewage, irregular flow to sewage


In a article presented amount in flow sewage and frequency occur of characteristic in flow sewage to sewage treatment plant in Głogow Malopolski. The period of research took there years 2003–2005. In this time was measure days in flow sewage. On the basis of register in flow described amount in flow sewage in selected days of week. In 2003 supply sewage in days week was even, this is non of days in flow of sewage was bigger or lower content. In analysis year in flow was from 626,9 m3⋅d-1 to 703,1 m3⋅d-1. Middle in flow was 657,3 m3⋅d-1. In next year 2004 keep a recorded considerable growth in flow sewage on over 100% with relation to year 2003. This growth cause was extending sewage system and connected next households to sewage system. In 2004 year also non of big of difference in flow sewage in selected days of week. Middle in flow in this time was 1317,2 m3⋅d-1. Bigger unevenness in flow wrote down in 2005 year. The smaller sewage in flow in wednesdays – 1348,3 m3⋅d-1, however the biggest in sundays – 1548,6 m3⋅d-1. Middle in flow was bigger in 2005 year them previous year almost 13% and was 1485,4 m3⋅d-1. For need exploitation and if need be modernization sewage-system very important is indicate frequency of appearance specific flow to sewer and probability of appear. Analysis of frequency of appearance is very useful statistic of estimate for interpretation measurement of result. Especially as measure is irregular. In article so that frequency of appearance specific flow to sewer and foresee probability of appear drew up histogram (Fig. 2). On histogram can be read frequency of appearance concrete flow to and probability of appear with higher values. The number class arrange on 29 and class span-range arrange on 100. Next stage analysis was qualification of frequency occur specifics in flows and probability theirs appear. From present analysis of frequency is result that the most often appears in flow are between 1100 m3⋅d-1 – 1200 m3⋅d-1 and between 1200 m3⋅d-1 – 1300 m3⋅d-1. Probability of result from empirical curve occur in flow in this limit is about 50%. In sewage treatment plant happened incident in flow of sewage of crossing middle in flows. Take was over 2700 m3⋅d-1. However probability occur this big in flows is minimal.


Bugajski P. 2007. Dynamics flow to sewage treatment plant in Głogów Małopolski. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 2