The amount and size of pollutions to pipe away from selected entities industrial plants on commune Mielec

key words: amount sewage, size of pollutions, mean weight


In Poland problem of planned water-sewage on villages require improvement. Union directive of obligate our country to regulate to 2015 year. Finance which haw local government on villages territory are insufficient on needs building sewage-system and sewage treatment plants. People witch living on this territory are mostly people at small income and they haw not many for sewage-system. Many villages commune should be get many from European Union for investments connected with sewage. In article presented analysis amount of sewage out flow witch selected entities companys and amount pollutions include in sewage in period 2003–2004 years. To analysis chose 20 industrial plants working on area commune Mielec deliver sewage to sewage treatment plant i.e. Rolmlecz, Szpital Powiatowy, Matbud, Hotel Jubilat, MKS, Pasaż, PKS, Reg-Benz, MPB, Piekarnia Konieczny, Bibmot, Techmix, R&G, Piekarnia Taran, Metalpol, Piekarnia Weryński, Wabex, Kar-Lux, PKN Orlen, Serwis Center. The load of pollutions specific established for indexes pollutions: BOD5, COD, total suspension, ammonia nitrogen and ether extract. Amount of sewage from all industrial plants in time there years was average 22,7 m3·d-1. In flow sewage from individuals industrial plants was on big diverse and was from 2,8 m3·d-1 to 160,0 m3·d-1. The biggest participation in all totality of amount sewage was company „Rolmlecz”, however the smallest amount sewage out flow wrote down in company „Serwis Center”. After described amount of sewage described amount pollutions out flow from all industrial plants. For aim describe mean of value analysis indices used mean weigh where weight was flow sewage. The middle value BOD5 in sewage was 157,28 mgO2·dm-3. Compare of size this parameter in individuals companies affirmed very big diverse who was from 12,5 mgO2·dm-3 to 530,0 mgO2·dm-3. In case remaining of indices affirmed also very big changeability from individual companies. Value COD was from 20,0 mgO2·dm-3 to 1750,0 mgO2·dm-3, however mean weigh was 460,59 mgO2·dm-3. The mean size total suspension in sewage out flow was 163,23 mg·dm-3. Value of parameter in sewage was from 25,0 mg·dm-3 to 750,0 mg·dm-3. Value of total nitrogen in sewage out flow was mean 15,26 mgNH4·dm-3 and ether extract 26,02 mg·dm-3.


Bugajski P., Milijanović E. 2007. The amount and size of pollutions to pipe away from selected entities industrial plants on commune Mielec. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 2