Model studies of flow intensity through Chwalimierz reservoir overflow structures

key words: model investigation , reservoir, dump devices


The verification of the project of designed spillway of Chwalimierz reservoir was the main purpose of conducted research. The Chwalimierz reservoir was designed by Water Service Ltd. in order to protect the valley from flood as well to ensures, water for rural cultivation irrigation. This reservoir is going to be built on Sredzka Woda, and will decrase flood wave in order to protect the city Sroda Slaska. This research was conducted on Water Laboratory at Environmental Engineering Department of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science. The research was executed using 1:10 scale. The investigation included the hydraulic analyses of spillway especially the verification of the flow rate curve. The water delivery is assembled by inlet chamber with two pipelines (diameter 1000mm) with valves and spillway (3*1,70m) which is located on overfall crest of vertical well. The water from service spillway is carried of to low station channel. The length of it is about 30 m and it is ended with trough. In this paper Authors presents methodology of model research and comparison of theoretical calculation with model research results. The research has confirmed the correctness of assumed design. The small differences between model research and theoretical calculations allow to admit designed flow discharge and to enclose corrections to the water management instruction.


Mokwa M., Malczewska B. 2008. Model studies of flow intensity through Chwalimierz reservoir overflow structures. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2008/ 07