The participation of local community in the mountain lands development

key words: participation, spatial planning, spatial planning system, space order, community participation


In the study there has been discussed the participation of local community in solving contemporary problems of mountain lands. Public participation is an important democratic process. It plays an important part in solving the contemporary development problems not only of mountain lands but also of submontane, lowland, seaside ones. The issues have been presented on the basis of the example of Lądek Lands, especially a small town of Lądek Zdrój, the commune seat (6140 permanent inhabitants). The town is located on the Kłodzko Lands, at the altitude of 440-480 metres above sea level, between the Golden Mountains and Krowiarki in the valley of Biała Lądecka river. Geographically the land is affiliated to the South-East Sudeten. In the democratic country, as Poland is, a particular attention should be paid to the community participation in forming and cultivating the space, care for spatial order. Certain local spatial problems connected with town and village development, their renewal, restoration and revitalization may be solved only with the active participation of local communities. While implementing balanced development to planning and spatial management very important are the forms of social activity. The subject of analysis were also the mechanisms of social participation as the management tool, the factor of certainty so important in undertaking every new project. Three fields of creating possibilities and developing social participation (information access, participation in the process of decision making, access to legal and administrative measures) were presented. Active participation of local communities in social consultations being the key of positive changes in space was presented. A special attention was paid to its weakness, while implementing balanced development to planning and spatial management. Some solutions applying to social participation used in so called “old EU countries" were briefly pointed out. A special attention deserves the institution of social mediator, protecting against the conflicts between the participants of the discussion concerning management, organization of the space. While talking about social participation one should pay attention to basic determinants of spatial development, both external and internal, so as from the very beginning of the planning process everything would be properly arranged, put in order, planned, to the satisfaction of local communities.


Gonda-Soroczyńska E. 2008. The participation of local community in the mountain lands development. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2008/ 08