Superabsorbent application in anti-erosion systems

key words: superabsorbents, soil water retention, erosion


Superabsorbents (SAP) are loosely crosslinked hydrophilic polymers can absorb a large amounth of water. In a soil it works as moistre bufor limiting plant water stres. It has been observed mixing SAP with soil decrease its strength parameters. To prevent that phenomena a kind of geocomposite absorbing water was introduced. It is a flat tube made from geotextile, filled with superabsorbent. Application of the geocomposite limits a problem of water avability for plant, which increase slopes erosion resistance.


Lejcuś K., Orzeszyna H., Pawłowski A., Garlikowski D. 2008. Superabsorbent application in anti-erosion systems. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2008/ 09