Influence of rainfall, irrigation and mineral fertilization on yielding of peach cv. ‘Inka’

key words: irrigation, mineral fertilizing, yields, productivity effect of 1 mm of water and 1 kg NPK.


Field experiment was done in the years 2003 and 2008 in the Agriculturae Experiment Station Lipnik near Stargard Szczeciński on the sandy soil, belongs to the good-rye-complex. The experiment was set up by split-plot method in 5 rep-lications. In this experiment the effects of mineral fertilizing and different soil moisture conditions on the yield of peach cv. ‘Inka’ was studied. The first factor of the study was supplemental irrigation (O – control, not irrigated: W – under crown irrigation). As second factor was different level of mineral fertilizing: 0NPK – (contro- no fertilizing), 1 NPK – 150 kg.ha-1 (40+50+60), 2 NPK-300 kg.ha-1 (80+100+120). Supplemental irrigation was used when the tensiometer have shown that water potential dropped to 0,01 MPa. Sward was between trees and in the rows the herbicidal farrows were kept. It was found that crop in-creased on both objects it means irrigated plots and fertilized. Average under in-fluence of irrigation gathered by 9,11 kg more fruits from 1 tree (42%) than from not irrigated plants. Yields of peach fruits dependent mostly on the supplemental irrigation applied from the April to August it means during critical stages for this plants. Crops of peach fruits increased under influence of 130 kg NPK .ha-1 by 4,05 t.ha-1 (18,4%) and by 5,5 t.ha-1 (25%) under the influence of 260 kg NPK.ha-1. Applied supplemental irrigation, mineral fertilizing and weather condi-tions differentiated the effectivity of applied irrigation and doses of NPK.


Podsiadło C., Jaroszewska A., Rumasz-Rudnicka E. 2009. Influence of rainfall, irrigation and mineral fertilization on yielding of peach cv. ‘Inka’. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009/ 03