Influence of conditioned water on germination and initial of growth selected crop species

key words: magnetic field, germinative energy, germinating capacity, coriander, salvia, bean, cucumber


Exact laboratory experience was conducted in year 2006. It consisted of a series of tests aimed to determine the effect exerted by water subject to magnetic treatment on germination and growth of examined plants. The following plants were tested: Coriander Coriandrum sativum,, Salvia Salvia officinalis, Bean Phaseolus vulgaris, Cucumber Cucumis dativus. All experiment stages were car-ried out in germination apparatuses, which were provided with bases consisting of two layers of impurity-free absorbent paper. Individual plants were examined according to the following pattern: three repetitions 50 seeds each for the test object and for an object, where water treated with magnetic field was used. Mag-netizer consisting of several sections was used to obtain the effect of water “magnetization”. One section consists of an axially magnetized ring-shaped magnet made of barium ferrite and ring-shaped steel pole. After having pene-trated the pole, magnetic fluxes generated by magnets change their direction from axial to radial []. Magnetizer version used in the experiment is a model without flange with the following parameters: working pressure 0.6 MPa, average water flow 2.25 m3•h-1, induction value 0.30 T. The effect of mag-netic water treatment has been achieved by letting the medium pass through the magnetizer once. With aim of conducted examinations, was determining the influence of magnetized water on the kinetics of sprouting and the initial height of species of plants. The kind of used water didn't have the significant influence on the per cent germinating of seeds in individual years of experience, an influence of magnetized water was observed to the growth of plovers of plants.


Podsiadło C., Leśniak E. 2009. Influence of conditioned water on germination and initial of growth selected crop species. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009/ 03