Last decade Wroclaw suburban zone transformations

key words: suburban zone, country, enclave of housing, civic-rural continuum, suburbium, village, country area


Modern processes including functional-spatial and social-economic phenomena appearing in last decade in suburban zone of Wroclaw have been pre-sented in present elaboration. These regions have been pointed out as non-defined against the background of towns and country. As distance from city area grows towards the periphery, to the suburban zone, intensity and diversity of functional, spatial and social-economic phenomena purposively decrease. These areas, parti-cularly in last years (within of so-called housing boom period) against the background of nearest and farther surroundings become conspicuous. There appears greatly developed, modern housing (first of all – individual) or service and production building (especially of large-surface building). Affluence of popu-lation (in particular the rising populations) have been observed. Structure of gro-und utilization is changing rapidly as well as social-economic functions fulfilled. In extreme fast rate grows the traffic volume at all Wroclaw entries from individu-al suburban zones (with special traffic density from south, east and west) caused by their residents commuting the city workplaces and schools. Conception of civic-rural continuum shows on these areas peculiar changeability and boundless cha-racteristic to it. Suburban zone limits are barely determinable.


Gonda-Soroczyńska E. 2009. Last decade Wroclaw suburban zone transformations. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009/ 04