Using of San river waters to supply chosen urban agglomerations in municipal water

key words: using of surface waters, intakes, quantity and quality of water


The paper presents the ways of catching raw water in the investigated in-takes on The San River for supplying of the chosen agglomerations as well as its quality analyses’ results. Moreover it presents results of analy-ses concerning amount of water collected for waterworks’ needs in water intakes in three places: Zasław, Trepcza (for Sanok and Zagórze) and Jarosław. The total amount of the taken water in 2006 for the above mentioned towns - 4,47 m3.s-1 – constitutes the significant (55,9%) part of the low flows of The San River. Water taken for Sanok, Zagórze and Jaro-slaw from S.U.W. is the surface water, regarding the quality, this water belongs to the A3 category, which needs the high performance physical, chemical and bacteriological (disinfection) treatment. The average concentration of total sus-pended solids in 2006 in the raw water was 11,4 in the intake in Zasław town, whereas in the Trepcza intake this concentration valued 19,2 The average amount of the fecal coliforms in Zasław town was 2222 c.f.u. in 100 ml of raw water, whereas in Trepcza it valued 3275 c.f.u in 100 ml of raw water. The average pollution concentrations in water taken in Jarosław intake in the period from 1999 to 2001 had the following values: turbidity of water 22.50, ferric ions’ concentration 0.30, average manganese ions’ concentration 0,09, pH 7.5, nitrites’ concentration 0.006, hardness of water from 140 to 321 (average 230) CaCO3, chloride ions’ concentration 17.20


Satora S., Chmielowski K., Milijanović E. 2009. Using of San river waters to supply chosen urban agglomerations in municipal water. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009/ 06