Okopska Tourism Organization as an example of cluster initiative within agrotourism

key words: tourist market, competitiveness, agritourism, cluster, tourist product, entrepreneurship


There is 734 agrotouristic farms within podlaskie province area with a strong competition. All of them try to attract the potential customer with the good offer. The more competitionable offer is determined by selection of internal and external factors. One of the method is to create agrotouristic clusters, that can be a method to solve the agrotouristic farms problem. The movement to create okopski's cluster limits low level of conciousness, prudence and distrust of few farm owners.They watch and wait until leaders will gain success. These aspects are related to social capability that consists of trust to other people, organizations and instititions, ability to make conversation, co-operation with other people, mutual problem solving and determination of their future existance in village. Cluster's initiative within the level of agrotourism, as one of the factors to rise the competition can offer welthier and more competitionable agrotouristic offer, comparing to single farm. With the respect to this situation more capital expenditure is needed to upgrade accomodation, transportation, gastronomy, in-formation and sport - recreational base in the village. Some of these funds can be taken from European Union.


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