Hydrogels in mushroom (Agricus bisporus) cultivation

key words: hydrogels, mushroom cultivation, crop of mushroom, dry mass


One of preparations having an influence on mushrooms water metabolism are hydrogels. They are chemical substances causing an extension of water ca-pacity in the cover with simultaneous decrease of water losses due to evapora-tion. Using sorbents affects reduction in watering frequency and lowering financial costs. The purpose of the study was to determine hydrogels influence on a two-spore mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) water metabolism. The researches were done in 2007–2008 in two growing cycles. For the production it was used pas-teurized bed with planted two-spore mushroom mycelium of Sylwan 737 race. The doses of hydrogels amounted from 0 to 200 g٠m-2. There were two kinds of hy-drogels used in the experiment: Super Absorbent Plus and Agro-Hydro-Gel. In the research it was measured size and the most important parameters of commer-cial crop: dry mass quantity, one fructification mass. As the result of the re-search it was noticed differences in quantity and quality of the crop depending on the used dose and the kind of hydrogel. In both growing cycles the highest crops were gained with hydrogel in dose of 200 g٠m-2, the lowest ones on beds with no hydrogel. Thanks to the hydrogel the structure of the cover improved and there was a reduction in watering frequency which affected better quality of fructifica-tions.


Koc G., Rak J., Radzka E., Jankowska J. 2009. Hydrogels in mushroom (Agricus bisporus) cultivation. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009/ 06