Technological and ecological modernization of selected family farms

key words: agriculture, farm, modernization, technization, project, methodology


Presented were some research results and forecasts concerning directions of organizational and technical transformations occurring in agriculture and its infrastructure.
The main aim of transformations in agricultural enterprises will be acquisi-tion of increasingly safer (healthier) raw materials and food products under con-ditions of better energy and environment efficiency in rural areas. Energy effi-ciency implies decreasing unit material and energy outlays and manpower, therefore decreasing the costs of own products supplied to the market at the prices satisfactory for both producers and consumers.
Competitive rivalry on the world food markets decreases and will decrease the number of Polish commodity farms. In the perspective of 15-20 years there will be about 300 thous. of those and they will supply almost all marketable agri-cultural output for processing or directly to the market. All family commodity farms will have to modernize and develop their production on the basis of pre-pared business plan, i.e. a project of equipment, mechanization and investment on farm. Each farm will be able to assess the needs and potential concerning its ad-justment to the requirements posed to future family agricultural enterprises.
The paper presents the methodology of farm modernization using techno-logical cards and the way of assessment of investment potential of modernized farm. Presented were also undertaken and jointly realized development studies on 50 selected family farms localized in different parts of Poland.


Wójcicki Z. 2010. Technological and ecological modernization of selected family farms. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2010/ 01