Wind energy development on lower Silesia province

key words: wind, Lower Silesia, conditions, spatial planning


The aim of this paper is to present issues related to the development of wind energy in the province of Lower Silesia. The first part of the paper based on the source materials presents conditions for the development of wind energy. Only 25% of the province area is an area of the lowest conflicting potential. In Lower Silesia, there is only one wind turbine, but the economic factors increase the inter-est in these investments. In order to designate areas for the location of wind farms many municipalities in the Lower Silesia began in recent years to create the spa-tial development plans or to change them. The study shows the involvement of the investment process based on selected municipalities of this province. The basis for the sustainable development of wind energy should be well considered spatial management. Location decisions must be preceded by a deep analysis of natural, social and landscape conditions. Such process may limits the formation of invest-ment conflicts.


Mastalska-Cetera B. 2011. Wind energy development on lower Silesia province. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011/ 01