The proposal of housing premises valuation in the societies of collective housing

key words: The Societies of Collective Housing, real estate, valuation


The rational managing of commune estates resources should help in solving housing needs of its inhabitants. For this part of population that cannot afford to build or buy its dwelling, some possibilities for housing problems solution has occurred. The Societies of Collective Housing may be helpful here. They often function in cooperation with local authorities that supply them with land necessary for performing building activity.
Having possibility of obtaining preferential loan from The Country Housing Fund, disposed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the societies were capable to build flats for those who cannot buy them. The person wanting to live in such a flat pays only 30% of its costs. The rest is payed in the monthly rent. Such a person must fill some conditions concerning income per person in family.
The main issue analyzed in this paper is the problem of legal rights for such flats and their valuation, when they are destined for sell. Nowadays, despite paying 30% of flat building expenses and loan costs included in the rent, the participant cannot be a full owner. Until know, the legislator did not provide any solutions that enable buying off such a dwelling by participant.
The ways of changing such the law of participation into the full ownership were suggested here. They were based on the present law regulations. The aspects of such estates (flats) valuation were also taken into account.




Bydłosz J., Dąbrowski J., Parzych P. 2010. The proposal of housing premises valuation in the societies of collective housing. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2010/ 12