The potential of immaterial regional culture of rural area of Biała Lądecka Valley

key words: Regional culture, immigration, ethnical diversity


The research problem is the relevance of present immaterial regional culture of rural area of commune of Lądek Zdrój and Stronie Śląskie. The population hitherto being settled in the area had to leave its houses. Historically formed tra-dition's or behavior pattern's resource became their baggage. Only in some cases (but as unknown, new for incoming population) was given up. The analyses con-centrate on determination of ethnic origin of immigrants and resource of new ele-ments of behavioral culture. The results point that up to the fifties the main flow took place from contemporary Ukraine and Małopolskie province. More detailed depiction shows that an area in question is neighborhood of Tarnopol, Stanisła-wów, Lwów and Beskidy mountains. Extensive, non-homogeneous, less important conglomeration of culture was established. Subsequent, very important population flow from ethnically differentiated region (Dolnośląskie province) extended already existing complexity. The effect was the reduction (and later nearly loss) of relevance of culture represented by immigrant population. The region was culturally pauperized and unambiguous identity of the place was minimized. If new structural element (perceived and understood by population) is determined and if it con-solidates society than probably new forms of immaterial culture will be established.




Oleszek J. 2010. The potential of immaterial regional culture of rural area of Biała Lądecka Valley. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2010/ 13