Analyses of changes of municipal waste quantity in podlaskie province

key words: waste, waste quantity, waste changeability


It the paper a changes of municipal wastes quantity in podlaskie province during seven years (2000-2006) was presented. Changeability of waste quantity in each district of province as well as in three cities on rights of administrative
district was analysed. As investigative tool was used the Statistica packet. It allows an evaluation of variability of waste quantity in time, assessment of value of waste accumulation indicators, analysis of dynamics of waste quantity changes as well as analysis of character of waste seasonal changeability.
The obtained results showed on differentiation in dynamics of changes of waste quantity for individual administrative districts of analysed province. Changeability of quantity the produced wastes is connected not only with population largeness or its migration but it can be also dependent on another factors, i.e.: economic development, intensity of actions undertaking by self-governments in field of waste management, pro-ecological attitudes of inhabitants. Moreover, the significance of seasonal fluctuation of waste quantity for chief town of podlaskie province was examined. It was observed, that the largest quantities of wastes are deposited in autumn season. The periodical growth of waste quantity is also visible for spring season, which is also typical in analyses conducted for area of whole country.
The obtained results shows that this type of analyses are need to be contin-ued in next years.




Tałałaj I. 2010. Analyses of changes of municipal waste quantity in podlaskie province. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2010/ 14