Comparision of water storages in soil profiles of forest mountain catchment

key words: water balance, soil water storage, forest slope road, road zone


This elaboration presents a comparison of ground water reserves in profiles of little forest drainage area in the Silesian Beskid. The main target of researches was the comparison of water storages in ground profiles located near the roads (no more than 30m) and located outside of this road zone. To the analysis there were chosen 10 profiles located in whole drainage area, that were grouped according to criteria as follow: road distance, the nearest stream distance, orientation of height a.s.l., difference between profile and stream ordinates measured slopeways and difference between profile ordinates and the nearest stream. Unit reserves were compared, which means calculated for 1cm thickness layer of the profile. Received average values of unit reserves from created groups of profiles were shown against the background of the profile of road influence area. According to analysis carried out, factor of location of profile regarding the road is not major dominant factor with quantity of ground water storage differentiation. As the significant factor it can be recognized an orientation of the profile height a.s.l.




Gołąb J. 2011. Comparision of water storages in soil profiles of forest mountain catchment. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011/ 07