Niewykorzystany potencjał turystyczny Srebrnej Góry

key words: Srebrna Góra, tourism, touristic potential, village, touristic management, Sowia Góra railway


Srebrna Góra is a village with a population of ca. 1500 inhabitants located in Ząbkowice poviat. From the year 1536 it was a town with town rights. In the post-war Poland, Srebrna Góra was not qualified as a town. It is still a village, but with its urban design, it looks like a small town. The analyses, site inspections, inventory-taking and interviews with the inhabitants made it possible for the author to get acquainted with the village and its general potential as well as to come to certain conclusions, esp. in the context of unused touristic potential of this special place. The biggest tourist attractions of Srebrna Góra include: The Srebrna Góra Fortress, Old Town, Sowia Góra railway and medieval silver mine adits.


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