Spatial distribution of bottom sediments in the small water reservoir at Zesławice

key words: small water reservoir, sediment, silting degree, vertical sediment distri-bution


The study and the qualification of the spatial distribution of accumulated bottom sediments in small reservoirs is considerably not only on the design stage, but also during the of operation. The majority of investigative papers concerns to the distributions of the accumulated sediments in average and large water reser-voirs. In this work was introduced and describes for the help of the Dendy's method the spatial distribution of the accumulated sediments in the main water reservoir at Zesławice in the period before and after his desilting.
In consideration of building the side reservoir, which to take of the functions of the main reservoir in the period its desilting and reconstruction, the conditions of the flow of the water and the sediment was change. It is had the impact on the dis-tribution of the bottom sediments in the main reservoir.It was showed in this work, on the basis of the executed measurements of silting and the determined the silting degree of the main reservoir, that the decrease the intensity of silting studied reservoir had taken place in the result of the split of water and sediment and it also influenced on the change of the spatial distribution of the sediment deposited. It was statement, that in period after desilting in the central part of the main reservoir, being characterizing relative depths in the range 0,41-0,65 the relative silting of this part of reservoir was increases about 10-20 %. The change of the conditions of the water and sediment flow to the studied reservoir caused the reduction of the intensity of silting. The mean annual silting degree of the reservoir before desilting carried out 3,0 %, however after desilting it is equal to 1,61 %.




Michalec B., Pęczek K., Leksander B. 2011. Spatial distribution of bottom sediments in the small water reservoir at Zesławice. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011/ 07