Capturing of the intraground flow of water by the forest slope road excavation

key words: water balance, intraground flow of water, excavation of forest slope road, drainage of the slope


This study presents measurement of water flow intensity from pavement of forest slope road, which embankment scarp cut the intraground water drain. Mea-surements were made in periods of different precipitations amounts, in period without the rain and in period of spring snow melting. Received results make easier the estimation of importance of examined problem for drainage basin water circulation and also to upkeep road's functionality. Frequency of measurement taking allows to follow the process dynamic and relates it with the precipitation characteristic. The biggest intensity was noted in spring snow melting period and in time of first day from heavy rain, but under condition of ground water saturation by the earlier precipitation. Received data show ten times bigger flow intensity in spring snow melting period than flow measured with precipitation 9,8mm and two hundred times bigger than this flow measured in period without rain. Parts of mountain-sides with dense grid of streams and springs places should be passed around in process of project and building of forest road network in mountains.




Gołąb J. 2011. Capturing of the intraground flow of water by the forest slope road excavation. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011/ 07