The changes in Barczków village spatial structure parameters as the land consolidation works effect

key words: land consolidation, land spatial structure


The article presents the assessment of changes of the selected spatial pa-rameters of land in the Barczków village, where the land consolidation works were undertaken between October 2008 and November 2011. The village of Barczków, with a surface area of 213 ha, is located in the Szczurowa commune, brzeski dis-trict. Following the completion of planning of the new land layout, it is now possible to compare it with the previous layout. However, the total completion of the whole process of the actual conversion of the spatial structure of the village requires investments connected with construction works of the new elements of transport network and the modernization of the already existing ones, which are being implemented as the post-land consolidation development.
The scope of assessment encompassed the data collection of land plots and farms which are indicative of land layouts of the Barczków village before and after land consolidation. The interpretation of the obtained results indicates a significant improvement in the village spatial structure, which is noticeable by eliminating a large group of plots detached from a municipal road. The relatively little, yet positive changes have been observed in the reduction of the registered plots in individual farms. The distance between the farm lands and their abodes have been reduced too. It is, however, a minor change, which is connected with a small part of the area of the analyzed village and the buildings being situated in its central part. The previous structure area of the farms has remained intact, which indicates the absence of land owners in the area who would like to use the ongoing land consolidation works for a considerable enlargement of their farms' area.


Janus J. 2012. The changes in Barczków village spatial structure parameters as the land consolidation works effect. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 03 (1 (Mar 2012))