Developing of polish village to sports infrastructure

key words: infrastructure for sports, physical activity, rural areas


The role of physical activity in the life of modern societies is increasing, therefore it is important to ensure the necessary conditions for implementation of various forms of physical activity, especially in rural areas.
The point of article is to identify and to analyze and to evaluate equipment in Polish rural areas in the selected sport base objects in the regions.
The spatial scope of research includes rural areas. For the analysis it is carried out by provinces, treating each as a testing facility.
Distribution of sports infrastructure facilities in rural areas in each province in Poland is not the same. The highest density was recorded in śląskie, and further in the province podkarpackie i małopolskie. The smallest is the sports facilities in the province of Podlasie.
Regular physical activity is one of the basic components of a healthy lifestyle. You can indicate a lot of benefits from it reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease or cancer.
In Poland, especially young people show little interest in his health and protection. So we need to strength the attitude of health-conscious, and recreational needs. It is important for local authorities to invest in the permanent development of sports infrastructure in order to promote physical activity in a society living in rural areas of our country.


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