Land consolidation in the face of geohazards

key words: land consolidation, biohazards


Floods bring about great destruction, death and property loss. For many years, there has been a search for efficient methods to prevent this type of disaster as well as to reduce the tragic effects they cause. An important step in this matter was the Floods Directive passed by the European Parliament and the Council in October 2007. In Poland, one of many efforts towards preventing the effects of floods was the Act on Specific Principles Concerning Preparation of Implementation of Flood Protection Projects passed in July 2010. Such projects include, e.g. bypass channels, flood protection polders, impounding reservoirs and flood banks. Acquisition of properties in connection to project implementation can proceed pursuant to the Act, e.g. by land consolidation proceedings.
This paper presents a theoretical concept of a flood control study for the purpose of land consolidation works, indicating the main sources of spatial and descriptive data necessary for preparation of this type of study. They include, e.g. the results of studies and analyses concerning


Trystuła A. 2012. Land consolidation in the face of geohazards. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 01 (2 (Jun 2012))