Inventorying of animals died on roads as a result of collissions with vehicles

key words: inventorying, mortality, road incidents, forest animals


The increasing importance of the transport forces modernization of many road stretches. The changes in the transport are not meaningless for the natural environment - the fauna. In order to determine the exact number of animals dying on roads the study was undertaken, which aims at creating a mobile method of in-ventorying animals which died as a result of road incidents. The proper method will be used among others to conduct the study of the effectiveness of the applied security systems, which aim at decreasing the number of collisions with animals and will enable the outlining the migration corridors. In the study presented there was analyzed the usage of the mobile method with a digital camera installed on
a specialist car.
The preliminary study showed the influence of many factors on the study ef-fectiveness. These factors were among others weather conditions, the speed of the study vehicle, the time, which passed since the road incident took place etc.
It results from the study conducted that the average effectiveness of the mo-bile method amounted to 31.65%. As far as the analysis is concerned, which took into account only the reptiles and the amphibians - the average effectiveness of the study amounted to 27.69%. As far as the separate analysis of the other animal groups is concerned, the average effectiveness of the method amounted to 50%. The Invertebrates were not taken into consideration in the study.
The merit of the mobile method described is the possibility to come back to the materials in any time, as well as the possibility to create an interactive map of the problem of road incidents with animals.


Tyburski ., Czerniak A. 2012. Inventorying of animals died on roads as a result of collissions with vehicles. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 03 (1 (Mar 2012))