The prospective customers’ preferences on the residential market in Cracow

key words: customers’ preferences, residential market.


The number of transactions in the property market depends not only on the economic mechanisms, but also on personal, psychological factors. For this reason we should analyze financial data and the psychological aspect of the behavior of buyers. The survey was conducted to provide information on market participants and their preferences for apartments in Cracow.
The aim of this study was to appoint the main group of buyers and to pro-vide information about factors that affect customers in the process of choosing a flat to buy. Among the interviewees the most popular were apartments in low blocks situated in already existing housing developments. Most frequent choice was small and medium-sized apartments. The most significant features of flats were price and localization.
The information provided by opinion polls are unique and cannot be ob-tained from other sources of information, typical for the residential market, like: prices and market value register, transactions or offers. Carrying out syste-matic opinion polls focused on preferences of the customers may be an indispensible source of information for real estates' participants who are using descriptive information. The results of this study may be helpful for appraisers, real properties' managers, estate agents and financial advisors


Różycka R. 2012. The prospective customers’ preferences on the residential market in Cracow. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 03 (2 (Jun 2012))