The issue of the functioning land and buildings registration from the conducting perspective

key words: District Office, land and building register, the data updating


Office work is generally known, however prevailing opinions are more
or less flattering and it does not matter if the subject of discussion are the county offices or district municipalities. Both these units and the county centres of
surveying and cartographic documentation, were established to keep land and buildings registration, since implementing the administrative country reform in 1999. Thus in this article the selected aspects of office work have been addressed, with particular emphasis on investments held in the land and building register, by the body conducting it. Also the problem is described from the side of applications completeness to update the registry, the formal deficiencies, outdated address in-formation and the documents constituting reasonable basis for these changes. Moreover, the official documents language, on which administrative authorities work, appears to be unclear communicator for persons, not knowing expertise law language. The further issue worth attention is the communication between office and the person and opportunities for improving it, because it goes mainly with traditional way via paper mail. Discussed issues refer to the provisions of the Ad-ministrative Procedure Code, that is the work office base with particular emphasis on those leading the land and buildings registration. These offices work is based on surveying and cartographic law and order on the land and buildings registration.


Rymarczyk E., Parzych P., Szabat-Pręcikowska A. 2012. The issue of the functioning land and buildings registration from the conducting perspective. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 01 (3 (Sep 2012))