Hazards identyfication existing in rural areas

key words: functions of rural areas, hazards in rural areas


The article deals with a topic related to an attempt to identify existing ha-zards in rural areas. The term "rural areas" has different definitions. For the purpose of the article were taken into consideration, which indicates that these areas are outside the administrative boundaries of cities. The article uses the me-thod of analysis of the literature and individual depth interviews, which helped identify the types of activities and effects on the environment, landscape and cultural heritage. Speaking about the risks in rural areas, with a focus on such activities as agriculture, water management, forestry, industrial activities and services, transport, building, tourism and recreation and activities caused by extreme weather. Most of the adverse consequences can be seen in the case of agriculture. This does not mean that these actions have the greatest effect on the environment of landscape. Risks commonly occurring are eutrophication, depletion of the rural landscape, redacting plant and animal species susceptible, soil degradation, and habitat. Presented in the article list of threats is open, because considering the problem on a local, you can see their individual character.


Kocur-Bera K. 2012. Hazards identyfication existing in rural areas. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 02 (3 (Sep 2012))