Problems of local plan implementation in the range of comunication on rural areas

key words: local plan of spatial development, communication availability


According to law regulations about communal council (government), public roads, streets, bridges, squares and road traffic are the duty of the commune as own tasks of commune . Village-mayor (mayor, city president) is an administrator (manager) of communal roads. Passing roads to proper category of municipal roads is followed by resolution of municipal council after consultation with apro-priate district administration. Communal roads construction and communal roads maintenance imply large costs which charge the budget of commune. Costs related with communal roads are such as those associated with land of public transport overtaking (overtaking for compensation), construction of road and maintenance of road (e.g. pavement repair, snow removal, etc.).
Parcels allocated for new public roads or for widening existing public roads become (according to law regulations) public bodies properties [with the date on which decision of property division became final or with the date of entry into force of the resolution of municipal council of land consolidation and division]. Besides, each commune should also guarantee communication availability for invested areas or areas planned for building in local plans of spatial development.
The paper presents problems concerning commune tasks with reference to communal roads. Afterwards errors in designing of communication system in local plan of spatial development and manners of their repairing were presented in following paper


Hełdak M., Stacherzak A., Kazak J. 2012. Problems of local plan implementation in the range of comunication on rural areas. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 02 (3 (Sep 2012))