The appraisal of the conveyance of the weir at Bieńczyce on the river Dłubnia

key words: weir, conveyance of the weir, reliable flow, waterside flow


The results of the calculations of the conveyance of the channel of the river Dłubnia and the weir at Bieńczyce located in the km 6 + 560 of the river Dłubnia were introduced in the work. The results of calculations made possible the indica-tion of the cause of flooding the adjoining terrains during the flood in 18 July 2010. Taking into account outflow from reservoirs in Zesławice in this day to the weir the inflow in the river Dłubnią carried out approximately 70 m3•s-1. This water flow is qualified as the waterside flow. It was showed that this flow would not overflow from the channel Dłubnia below the studied weir. The weir at Bieńczyce is characterizes the smaller conveyance. It was stated that the conveyance of the weir carry out 50.25 m3∙s-1. It was calculated by the assumption that the weir gates will be fully upraised and not making up the obstacles in the overflow of the weir. However the conveyance carries out just 44,61 m3•s-1 accepting the hydraulic scheme, corresponding to the constructional solution of weir locks. It was also stated that because of the conveyance of the weir, smaller than the waterside flow, avoidance of submergence of terrains laid in the region of the weir was not possi-ble. During not open of weir gates the maximum conveyance of the weir carry out only just 8,77 m3•s-1, and with their maximum lifting it will not get in spite capacity carrying out 70 m3•s-1.


Michalec B., Tarnawski M. 2012. The appraisal of the conveyance of the weir at Bieńczyce on the river Dłubnia. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012/ 02 (4 (Dec 2012))