Dłubnia river flood zone based on digital terrain model

key words: Digital Terrain Model, orientation images, flood zone


With new's technology it is possible to create a Digital Terrain Model, which is increasingly being used in various fields of science. Determining of flood plains based on Digital Terrain Model provides insight into the existing reality, and at the same time it is relatively quick to execute. The use of Digital Terrain Model has been shown in the area of the river Dłubnia that is located near the city of Krakow. The work has been performed with the exploitation of digital photogrammetric station "Delta", where spatial coordinates has been created followed by the generation of elevation map. Three-dimensional models of the terrain and water models came into being in the ‘Surfer 10' program on the basis of selected coordinates of the ‘Delta' program. The models were respectively combined introducing the flooding zone afterwards.


Piech I., Rams A. 2013. Dłubnia river flood zone based on digital terrain model. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2013/ 02 (2 (Jun 2013))