Road incidents with forest animals in Poland between 2001–2011

key words: road, vehicle, mortality, road incidents, animals


The development of the road infrastructure, migration ways of animals crossing with roads increase the possibility of a road incident with animals. The road incidents with animals are the source of multimillion financial losses and can cause permanent disabilities and even death of the road users. In order to increase safety and decrease the negative impact of road on the natural environment, the research should be conducted and the appropriate safety features decreasing the probability of animals rushing on to roads should be used.
The aim of the study was to analyze the road incidents with animals on Polish roads between 2001 - 2011. In the study the road incidents with big animals i.e. with the deer (deer, fallow deer, elk, roe deer) and wild boars were analyzed. In the researched period the tendency of changes for: the number of road incidents with animals, the number of animals, the number of registered vehicles was analyzed. It was calculated, how often it came to a road incident with animals.In the researched period 2001 - 2011 it came to 153,269 road incidents with animals, including 151,882 collisions, 1,387 accidents in which 61 persons died, 1,804 were injured. The increase of road incidents with animals between the initial and the final research period was twofold (109.34%). The increase of registered vehicles between 2001 - 2011 amounted to 61.99%. among the researched factors the lowest difference between the initial and the final research period concerned the size of the population of animals and amounted to 52.83%. In the researched period on average there were 1,383 vehicles per one road incident with animals. In the researched period 1.29% of the population of the researched group of animals died.


Czerniak A., Tyburski . 2013. Road incidents with forest animals in Poland between 2001–2011. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2013/ 02 (3 (Jun 2013))