Land register and legal aspect of ground communities issues

key words: land communities, land and building register, legislation


Topics related to creation and operation of land communities are based on acts which was born more than fifty years ago. By archaic provisions of the Act from 1963 did not solve the problematic issues associated with the current land community functioning with present cadastral processes.In this article topics related to functioning of land community, supervision of community property and legal and geodetic activities of the community are de-scribed. Many problems in formal causes no indication of the referral and holding shares in the community land. Another problematic issue is the way to claim rights to participate in the community, due to the absence of land registry to the real estate community. No less important topic is the form associated with the transfer of shares in the community. The Authors have attempted to solve these issues based on the experience gained with the functioning of selected community land.


Rymarczyk E., Parzych P., Szabat-Pręcikowska A. 2013, vol. 10. Land register and legal aspect of ground communities issues. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2013, vol. 10/ 03 (2 (Sep 2013))