Current conditions of forest road networks development in the mountains

key words: mountain forests, network of forest roads, methodology, design, update.


At the work a topicality of the methodology of designing forest road networks in mountain areas is being analysed. Adapting individual stages of the design and detailed procedures of the current system of functioning of forest districts in Poland is being discussed, also needs of modern forestry and contemporary design possibilities and the form of initial materials. Using analyses in current studies and processing are being underlined with the GIS processing of data included in the LMN standard. The stage of stocktaking and the location of new roads in net is using well new opportunities of these analyses. The inconsistency of procedures in the stage of determining the optimum density of the road network because of the kind and contents of some-currently available-initial data is being pointed. The stage of the economic appraisal of the planned solution also requires updates because of economic facts change, assumed in analysis of estimated arrangements, as well as using inappropriate sizes incurred costs. The method in its current shape is not used in all, and only some procedures are being involved in thematic studies. New arrangements of criteria of making tree stands available and an indexation of at least some functions of forest are needed.




Gołąb J., Plewniak J. 2014. Current conditions of forest road networks development in the mountains. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2014/ II (1 (Jun 2014))