Administrative update of soil classification

key words: soil classification, land administration, legislation


Soil classification is closely linked to conducting of land administration by leading aut¬hority, with respect to land surveying act. Register in form of soil classification frame was conducted and updated on the base of regulation from 1956 till 2012. New exe¬¬cutive act has replaced old one and entering changes with the previously established order. This caused a lot of complications for the administrative authorities and persons performing technical activities.
In this article the problems related to the functioning of the soil classification were discussed, its running and updating based on the already repealed act from the ad¬mi¬nistrative and legal side and moreover in accordance with the executive act from 12th September 2012. These topics are related to concept of soil classification as a separate register with respect to land register or the aim of functioning and the scope of the tasks associated with conducting soil classification register. Many problems are coming with unclear description of proper person who is appointed to perform outdoor and indoor classification operations.
Described topic of soil classification is a very up to date problem in the field of property management. Very dynamic changes in Polish legislation force the need updating older legal provisions. The amendment acts conductive to improving operations, but on the other side it do not answer all the key pillar questions, on which the person who work in administrative office have to know the answer.


Parzych P., Rymarczyk E., Szabat-Pręcikowska A. 2014. Administrative update of soil classification. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2014/ II (2 (Jun 2014))