Spatial differentation of the soil quality in dąbrowski administrative district

key words: soil classification, rural areas, land consolidation


The soil quality belongs to one of the most important factors which affects the level of possible to obtain crops in agriculture. Because of that, it is an important element in determining profitability of agricultural production in particular area. Knowledge of soil quality spatial differentiation in the areas of administrative parts or municipalities has an influence on the planning process for the development of agricultural areas. This element also provides important information in the programming process of land consolidation works, which action takes place at the level of provincial government. These data are characterized by a very long period of suitability for use, due to the small amount of changes relating to the soil classification inserted into ground and building registration, which mostly have sporadic event.
The article presents the results of the analysis which aims to provide differentiation of the average soil classification in particular administrative parts of Dąbrowski district which is located in the north-eastern part of Małopolska voivodeship. The data of the ground and building registration were used as a data source, which were gained for every administrative parts of Dąbrowski district. The results of studies are presented in both tabular and graphical form.




Janus J., Taszakowski J. 2014. Spatial differentation of the soil quality in dąbrowski administrative district. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2014/ II (2 (Jun 2014))