The costs of stay in agritorism farms on a Kujavian-Pomeranian village

key words: agritourism, costs of stay, attractions, lodging, meals


The study revealed that the average price for stay on an agritourism farm on Kuyavian-Pomeranian village is not excessive and amounts to 46,84 zł for 24 hours. Highest costs per stay tourists bear in the district Sępólno (75.35 zł), and the lowest in the district Grudziadz. Due to the fact that the hosts served a large span of price ranges (from a dozen to a few hundred złotych) it has been calculated that the average maximum price is formed in the region at the level of 60.81 zł, and the average minimum price in the range 31,45 zł. Only 25.4% of all households have communicated what parts of the agritourism product (except overnight) are within the maximum price, namely the full board of attractions, attractions themselves, or just eating. It can be said that the majority of providers do not show their creativity and initiative in better presentation of their agritourism product on the web portal. They usually limited information to putting basic information about the service, without showing tourists detailed pricing for the use of various additional services.


Cichowska J. 2014. The costs of stay in agritorism farms on a Kujavian-Pomeranian village. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2014/ IV (2 (Dec 2014))