Analysis of relief impact on land use structure on an example of Nowy Targ district

key words: slopes, land use/cover


The article is the analysis and attempt at an assessment of relief impact on the land use. The investigations focus particularly on the analysis of percentage share of agricultural land in Nowy Targ district computed for selected land slope intervals. Land use, conditioned by human activity is strictly dependent on historical conditions, physiographic location and climate, as well as on the land form. The relief has a significant impact on the quality of agricultural production area. Indirectly it also influences the other components of the environment, i.e. soils, water and climatic conditions. Directly it impacts the organisation of agricultural production influencing the difficulty of soil tillage and intensity of soil erosion. Agricultural land adjustment to the type of relief diminishes the erosion hazard and improves agrotechnological assessment of the soil tillage difficulty.
The investigations were conducted on an example of Nowy Targ rural district. The district has diversified land relief resulting among others from its localisation close to the foothills. The analysis bases on the image of land use obtained from Corine Land Cover 2006. Average land slope was established on the basis of digital land model determining the selected slope intervals.


Prus B., Budz . 2015. Analysis of relief impact on land use structure on an example of Nowy Targ district. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2015/ II (2 (Jun 2015))