Delimitation as the process to support the procedur es of real estate management and spatial planning

key words: real estate management, real estate subdivision, spatial planning, real estate delimitation


Real estate management is a series of actions specified in a relevant normative act, which are taken by public authorities in order to obtain the optimal status of all types of real estate. All major real estate management processes are derived from the Real Estate Management Act, and they are particularized in the relevant secondary legislation. They define the methods and conditions for the management of space and its objects, creating, in a sense, a set of procedures for enforcing the provisions of spatial planning documents.
The Real Estate Management Act provides the legal basis for the three fundamental surveying and legal processes. These include subdivision, merger and subdivision, as well as expropriation. Basically, they are performed for real estate located within the area for which a zoning plan has been adopted or a decision on conditions of site development has been issued. It happens repeatedly that these processes can not be implemented without prior designation of the real estate on which they are to be carried out. Then, works to determine the location of the boundaries and the area of the real estate must be performed. Most frequently, these are delimitation and the restoration of boundary points - described in the geodetic and cartographic law, or determination of boundaries, pursuant to the modernization of land registry, specified in the Regulation on the register of land and buildings. The authors set themselves a goal to check how often delimitation of real estate precedes the implementation of basic real estate management processes, and to verify if the existence of planning documents affects the performance of the works associated with determining the range of real estate property rights.


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