Possibilities of using geoportals in spatial planning

key words: spatial planning, local land use plane, geoportals


The local land use plan is one of the fundamental documents containing information about space. Specifies, inter alia, the purpose, the conditions for their development and indicates the location of the public purpose investment. In carrying out the task of their own, the authorities of the municipality, through the local plan entries determine the direction of development of the region, outline the spatial policy carried out, affect the economic development of the Government entities and economic value of space, as well as affect many aspects of daily life, society and the natural environment. Its timeliness is one of the basic requirements of proper spatial policy. Equally important is the availability plan, and especially its figure for the residents of the municipality or to the entities associated with the real estate economy.
With the introduction of GIS technology in planning both the acquisition of information about the area, needed in planning processes, as well as searching for information, planning is a lot easier.
The publication analyzes the availability and usefulness of the information accumulated on the GIS of the municipalities. It was examined how the authorities of municipalities are drawing local plan on the Internet, whether it is posted as a layer of geoportals or perhaps as a graphic file. In the work of the noted the advantages arising from the base of the local plans in the form of a Geodatabase and focuses on the possibilities of the use of the information collected in this way. It also examined the possibility of using other layers of services that contain information about the space to create and update local plans.


Glanowska M., Hanus P. 2016, vol. 13. Possibilities of using geoportals in spatial planning. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2016, vol. 13/ II (1 (Apr 2016))