heavy metals, zinc, soil, plant, fallow soil, pollution

key words: heavy metals, zinc, soil, plant, fallow soil, pollution


The paper verified the hypothesis of the existence of the correlation between the content of zinc in soils and plants in the municipality of Trzebinia that is in the area which is highly degraded as a result of long term activity of mining and processing of local raw materials. In order to achieve the above, the total metal content in plant and soil material as well as the selected physicochemical properties of soil such as pH, electrolytic conductivity, organic matter content and granulometric composition were determined. 664 soil material samples and 332 plant material samples were collected in years 2010-2012 from 83 research plots located in fallow lands of the town of Trzebinia and in 10 village councils of the municipality. The results obtained of zinc content do not confirm the correlation between soil and plant. The disclosed concentration of the element is in line with indications of permitted levels of metal content in plants proposed by IUNG, which allows the use of plant material as animal feed. The mean content of zinc in the soils of the municipality is higher than the permitted level of national regulations. The claim that the soil of the municipality is contaminated with the element is eligible.


Petryk A. 2016. heavy metals, zinc, soil, plant, fallow soil, pollution. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2016/ IV (3 (Dec 2016))