key words: logistics, promotion, agritourism


The article concerns logistic procedures in the promotion of agritourism services used by farmers engaged in agritourism and by agritourism associations, local authorities in municipalities and agricultural advisory
centers. On the basis of the literature, various promotional instruments used by rural service providers and by these entities in the communication processes with the market were shown. Logistic aspects concerning planning and implementation of agritourism development were presented, mainly the role of agritourism information and promotional activities in these processes. Farmers providing agritouristic services most often use various forms of promotion. Among them, they use online advertising, publishing houses, including catalogs, trips to gritourism fairs, personal sale and different forms of public relation. In the agritourism promotion they often have support from local authorities, agritourism associations and agricultural advisory centres. All promotional
activities undertaken by farmers themselves and with the support of these entities constitute an important part of agrotourism logistics.


Brzozowska A., Kalinichenko A., Niedziółka A., Popławski . 2018. LOGISTIC PROCEDURES IN THE PROMOTION OF AGRITOURISM. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2018/ IV (1)