Directions of changes in agriculture in the Małopolskie rural areas

key words: functional structures, agro-environmental operations, multifunctional agriculture, rural areas


The Province of Małopolska is an exceptional region in many respects. It is also very important for the proper functioning of both the economic and social life, and the natural environment in Poland. Upon the integration of Poland into the European Union, a unique chance appeared for the people in Poland living in rural regions to relatively quickly improve their economic situation. But first of all, an opportunity materialized to regulate and control processes associated with water circulation and water erosion, as well as with the necessity to protect water resources and natural biocenoses, which were disturbed and deteriorated by the past too intense development of agriculture in this region. Owing to the present EU agricultural policy, it is now possible for Poland to receive considerable financial means from the EU funds. The condition is that farmers in this region have to introduce comprehensive agro-technical measures and facilities along with initiating large-scale agro-environmental operations, and to expansively perform them. In many areas of the region, the agricultural production of agricultural farms should be linked with the protective and conservatory actions. Also, in the near future, the pure production agriculture in the region should be transformed into multifunctional agriculture. Agriculture, which for ages has been developing at the cost of natural resources and balance in the natural environment should, or even must, become a sphere of economic activity, which beside productive objectives will fulfil additional functions (conserving, protective or remedial ) towards the natural environment and landscape. Mountain and upland areas in the Province of Małopolska have specific natural landscape amenities, recreational assets, healing and cultural values, and, thus, they are very important for both the national economy and flood-safety. Therefore, the authors believe that the Province of Małopolska, and, also, two other southern provinces in Poland: Province of Podkarpackie and the Silesian Province, should be incorporated into a separate, special operational program to be developed for the purpose of securing financial means for a rational and comprehensive reorganization of functional structures of the rural areas.


Lech-Turaj B., Szłapa A. 2007. Directions of changes in agriculture in the Małopolskie rural areas. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2007/ 2